Student Anthology for COP26

“We are the spark, that will light the fire that will burn so bright that they’ll stop and listen. ”

A student anthology competition was launched, based on the theme, ‘Words and Pictures for your World’ to encourage young people to voice their opinions on important, life-changing issues.

Climate change is something that will affect everyone, but will do so disproportionately; those who don’t deserve to feel the effects, will and those who have had the greatest impact might not feel the brunt of their actions as much.

COP26 is where leaders from around the world will gather, essentially, to decide how they tackle what could be considered as the greatest challenge to humanity. The fight is not just about how to keep the temperature below 1.5 C but also about equality or the lack of it, that affects women, black people, children, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, the list goes on. 

Our poems will be included in a student anthology and will also be referenced and displayed at the COP26 Summit. It’s been a great opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas about changes which are ultimately going to affect our generation in the years. It is us who will face the consequences. It is us who will live in the world formed from the decisions made today. And so, it is us who must stand up and ensure changes are made.

All we can strive to do is Lead, Inspire and, hopefully, Make a Difference where it is needed.

By Shravya and Nidhi