Deutsches Weihnachtsbacken – German Christmas Baking

Lebkuchen, Stollen, Plaetzchen, Vanillekipferl – who would not like some homemade German Christmas delights for the festive season? 

The Year 11 German students rose to the challenge at the beginning of December and baked delicious Lebkuchenplaetzchen.

In the lesson prior to the baking challenge, students familiarised themselves with the German recipe, by translating the ingredient list and baking instructions.

We also revised how to give team members orders like: “Gib mir das Mehl! (Pass the flour)!” or ask them to do the next step in the recipe: “Kannst du das Ei hinzufuegen (Can you add the egg?)?” The students only had one hour to produce their Lebkuchenplaetzchen, preparing them for taking part in The Bake Off in the future. Some challenged themselves with complicated decorations, others enjoyed eating their biscuits straight away when they came out of the oven. The baking session was accompanied by traditional German Christmas songs which contributed to a festive atmosphere.



If you would like to try baking your own Lebkuchenplaetzchen, please find an English version of the recipe here:

Frau Mueller & Frau Hellwig