Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

With Holocaust Memorial Day coming up on the 27th January, there will be several events occurring over the ongoing weeks. Firstly, in our Holocaust assembly we will talk a bit more about the theme for this year, which is ‘One Day’, as well as our experience on the Lessons from Auschwitz programme.  In addition, Angela Strach, an ex-Kendrick teacher, will be coming to the school and speaking about her own experiences in relation to the Holocaust.  Another competition will be launched soon, giving students the opportunity to explore theme of ‘One Day’ for themselves and reflect on what it means to them. 

We would like to thank everyone who entered our poetry competition at the end of last year on the theme commemorating the Holocaust. We had some truly wonderful entries which really encapsulated the importance of remembering the events of the Holocaust especially around this time of year surrounding Holocaust Memorial Day.  It is our role as the future generations to ensure that we learn from the past to move forward into a future without discrimination in any of its forms and honour the lives of the 6 million individuals many of whom may remain unknown to show they will never be forgotten.

Please enjoy a selection of the poems entered into the competition.

Sanya, Izzy, Eshal & Janhavi