Adventure Experience

Over the Easter holidays, I attended a training course at the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT); signing up for it was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.  

We took part in a number of extremely adventurous activities that included caving, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, and mountaineering, all amongst the beautiful views of Lake District. I have to say, if you love the thrill and are just loving the sound of all of these activities, it would absolutely be a wonderful opportunity for all of you in the future!


The abseiling and rock climbing was definitely one of the most memorable ones… The scariest part was leaning off the ledge and trusting the harness! The drop was around 200ft, so it wouldn’t have been wise to look down… However once you were parallel to the rock wall, it was a calming descent to the bottom (as long as you kept rallying the rope!).

Another really memorable activity was caving!! I’d always yearned to explore caves whenever I came across one, however I never had the equipment to do it, so I was really excited to finally have a go! There were several moments where we had to squeeze through narrow walls, and crawl through small passages surrounded by waterfalls and plunge pools, so if you aren’t too claustrophobic, this experience would’ve been perfect for you!


The best part of the camp overall were the amazing friendships I formed during my time there, and they all really did provide the support required at times! The whole experience at this CCAT camp was most memorable and the adventurous activities, along with the awesome friends that I made along the way, made it the best week I’ve spent away from home! I would definitely recommend this CCAT course to anybody who enjoys an adventure and a bit of a thrill! 

Cpl Esha D