Name It or Lose It

At the start of each term, the lost property cupboard is tidied and students are asked to look for any items that they have previously lost. Clearly-named items are returned to the students. The remaining unnamed items are either donated to charity, sold in the Second Hand Uniform Shop or thrown away.

There is a large amount of uniform, sports kit, water bottles and other items that are not clearly named.


To try and reduce the number of unnamed items the Kendrick Parents Society (KPS) has partnered with Easy2name, a name labelling company that provides labels and tags for clothing, sports equipment, accessories, stationery etc. As well as returning items to students, it also helps raise funds for the school.

When you place an order at, please state our school when it gives you an option, and we’ll earn 20% cashback of your entire order. Just fill in our unique code at the checkout FR-KENDRKPAS-76.