Year 7 Movie Night

The Kendrick Parents' Society (KPS) were delighted to go ahead with the annual tradition of a Movie Night to welcome the new Year 7 students to Kendrick School. This year the students voted for their favourite film (out of a short list of five suggestions) and Sing 2 received the most votes. It proved to be a popular choice as over 115 tickets were sold for the event.


To welcome the new Year 7s to Kendrick, the KPS hosted a fundraising film night. Everyone who came was given a free beverage and popcorn! We could also use our own money to buy more snacks and drinks. We all were able to wear comfy clothes and bring blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and stuffed animals.  Everybody enjoyed watching the film Sing 2



Allegra in 7HES said “This is a night I will never forget”, and many other Year 7s agreed that film night was lots of fun and something they will remember for a long time.

The KPS parent volunteers and the KPS student representatives in Year 7 also really enjoyed this and think that it is definitely something for new students to look forward to. It was great fun, and we all really enjoyed it.

Elizabeth and Annetta