145th Birthday Reunion

On Friday 2nd December, we were delighted to welcome former students and staff to our 145th birthday reunion celebration.  It's 145 years since the school started at Watlington House, 95 years since we came to this site.  The School Birthday was introduced in September 2012 to celebrate our school and girls’ education.  It is an opportunity for us to reconnect with former students and gives them an opportunity to visit their old school, seeing familiar and perhaps unfamiliar rooms and buildings.

The School Birthday also gives us an opportunity to come together as a community.  It is an event at the start of the year that welcomes our new students and staff which helps people feel part of our very special community.



After a tour of the school by our Year 8 students, former students and staff visited the school library where they had a browse through memorabilia on display.  Ms Kattirtzi welcomed everyone with a speech and Jasmine, one of the Kendrick Student Leaders also spoke at the event.  This was followed by a wonderful musical interlude from our Sixth Form Music students and light refreshments.  Daisy, a Year 13 student made a beautifully detailed cake featuring the image of the front of our school, including the stained-glass window in Palmer Library. 



Floreat Kendricka! Until the next big celebration, our 150th in 2027!