Tomorrow's Engineers Week

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, which takes place annually, is a week-long celebration of engineering designed to highlight to young people that engineering is a creative, problem-solving, exciting career that improves the world around us.

Last term two Kendrick students, Sarah and Dhitha took part in Tomorrow’s Engineers Week when it celebrated its 10th year with a new recorded broadcast - Future Minds Live. Around 50 young people were chosen to attend Future Minds Live, where they discussed their ideas for the future of engineering in four key sectors: Entertainment, Sport, Technology and Environment.

All schools across the UK were able to watch the broadcast and engage with the conversation. After watching the broadcast, schools were given the opportunity to vote on their favourite of the featured ideas and submit their own thoughts on where engineering is headed in the future.

The top ideas this year as voted by students were improving accessibility in sport through improved prosthetics, increasing biodiversity in more areas through rewilding projects and developing mechanical bees to increase pollination levels.