Falcon 2 Challenge

This year, a team of 6th Form students, comprising Airah, Aishwarya, Aislin, Esha,  Fatimah, Katherine, Laiba, Navya, Nevedya, Priyal, Shreya, Shriyam and Tawhida, entered the Falcon 2 Challenge which is run by The Royal Aeronautical Society in partnership with Boeing, Middlesex University, and a disabled flying charity called Aerobility. The challenge required us to use our engineering skills to design, develop and eventually build a flight simulator that would be accessible for people with disabilities. The aim of the flight simulator is to give people of all abilities access to the world of flying and aviation.

Members of Space Society, Engineering Society along with some more budding engineers in the Sixth Form formed a team, and we worked together to create a design idea for the flight simulator. We held regular meetings to discuss our ideas, collated them and used CAD software and graphic tablets to illustrate our design concepts.  

We are delighted to announce that our design was awarded joint second place, and as part of this result, we have been invited to compete in Phase-2 of this competition.

We would like to invite and open this opportunity to other Sixth form students who would like to be part of the implementation of the flight simulator. It is essential to emphasise that we invite innovative minds who would be passionate about working on a project which makes the beauty of flying more accessible - so it is not exclusive to those with engineering interests!

No matter what career you intend embarking on, we would love to hear from you!

- By Esha and Nevedya (Directors of the Falcon 2 Team)