World Book Day 2023

Once again at Kendrick School we decided to celebrate World Book Day for an entire week, rather than confining it to one day…after all, reading is such a wonderful thing to celebrate!


We had a couple of fun competitions running throughout. The students have been studying photos of staff members book piles and trying to work out whom they below to. There have been some little clues to help them reach their conclusions. We had lots of entries from staff and students – the most knowledgeable student in regard to the reading habits of Kendrick staff was Anuva in Year 13! Well done for guessing 18 right out of 20 😊

The second competition was called ‘Extreme Reading’ where students were invited to send in photographs of themselves reading books in unusual places – we have had some great entries with people reading underwater and hanging upside down from trees! The winner for the most creative reading pose was Annetta in Year 7!

We ran a series of events in the library during lunchtimes which were very popular. We did some bookish puzzles and crafts using old book pages.


On Wednesday we held a Pre-Loved Book Sale to raise money for the children’s ward at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. We would like to thank all of those who donated and purchased books. We raised £100 for our chosen local charity.


On Friday, students from Year 7 to 9 came dressed as book characters – we had a wide variety of characters from Cruella de Vil to Alice in Wonderland. It was fantastic to see so many students celebrating reading and talking about books! 


Also on Friday, we celebrated all things Harry Potter in our Book Club Party at lunchtime. We played Harry Potter themed games, enjoyed some party food and took part in our Harry Potter quiz. 



Congratulations Anaya in Year 7 - our quiz winner!