Year 9 Introduction To Careers

On Tuesday 21st March, students in Year 9 had an 'Introduction to Careers' day in the Library whilst having their profiling appointments with their teachers.  They visited various sections of the Careers Library, getting to know the resources available in school for their use.  They had the time to investigate these resources which could be of significance to them when thinking about their future potential careers.

The students were then set a task to research a career of their choice and research what qualifications and other requirements would be needed to accomplish this.


They were also directed to find out about degree courses that were of interest and find out which universities offered these courses.  Students were informed about alternative paths to their chosen career, such as apprenticeships and studying abroad.  UCAS was discussed, and they received guidance on where they might find further information on these matters.  


At the end of the session, they took part in a scavenger hunt with clues hidden in a range of career resources.  


The students were engaged and enjoyed the mix of research and fun activities which also included a search for Work Related Learning humour!