Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass

I was recently nominated, along with 3 other Year 9 students from Kendrick, to attend a series of Mathematics Masterclasses run by the Royal Institution. We joined Year 9 students from the local area at Holyport College over 5 Saturday morning workshops.

Each week we looked at a different topic of maths: Infinity and Beyond, Stock Market Trading, Surprising Statistics, Magic Squares and Origami.

Infinity and Beyond: We learnt about what infinity is, set theory, and mapping. We also looked at some paradoxes such as Achilles and the tortoise, and the Pythagorean spiral.

Stock Market Trading: We learnt about shares, investments and when to buy or sell, using examples from real companies.

Surprising Statistics: We looked at what odds and risks are, how to calculate them and how they are used in real life.

Magic squares: We learnt about how to solve a magic square and patterns found in them, as well as the history behind them and different types of magic squares.

Origami: We looked at how maths is used in origami, different types of folds and how you can create any shape with one cut.


I really enjoyed the Masterclasses, and they showed me how Maths is applied in many ways in everyday life. They encouraged me to learn more about Maths in different situations and possibly continue with Maths at A level. I really appreciate the opportunity that being nominated for these sessions has given me, and I am looking forward to the follow-up session at the Royal Institution in London in July.

Jessica - Year 9