Science Club Welcomes A Visitor

The Science Club for Year 7 - 9, that takes place on Wednesdays during second break, welcomed a visitor to our session on the 19th of April.

Anjali, a former Kendrick student and now a student of Materials Science at Imperial College, introduced the students to an exciting resource that will help them to plan a mission to the Moon.

The project has been designed by a group of universities in collaboration with the UK Space Agency. ‘Let’s Move to the Moon!’ will bring Spacecraft Engineering and Materials Science activities into the classroom.

All the missions are named after women who have made significant contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths (STEAM). The project’s informative videos and printed booklet include portraits and biographies of them.

By undertaking this suitcase challenge, students will learn more about the interdisciplinary nature of materials science and engineering, with curriculum links to Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Design.


The first challenge was to find which material we should use for when we settle on the Moon.

All Year 7 - 9 students are welcome to attend Science Club, and even if they missed the first challenge, they can join us for the coming tasks and help to prepare for our Moon mission.