British Physics Olympiad Award

On Thursday 27th April, I was invited to the BPhO (British Physics Olympiad) Awards Ceremony at The Royal Society in London.

During the ceremony, many bright students were awarded prizes and medals for their participation in various BPhO competitions. 

These competitions test knowledge of both Physics and Astrophysics that is not otherwise tested on the GCSE and A-Level syllabus.  Participation in a British Physics Olympiad is a challenge which allows able students to have fun problem-solving whilst seeing the real-world problem-solving potential of Physics.

The BPhO is an organisation that strives to encourage the study of Physics and to recognise excellence of young physicists through annual Physics competitions that challenge problem-solving and critical thinking.

Finally, I am immensely thankful to the dedication and hard work of Dr Smalley and the Physics Department for encouraging students to participate and organising these competitions.

By Arushi, Year 11