Hidden History Exhibition

While in conversation, we realised that whilst our curriculum is very enriching, there are a plethora of events not mentioned and that many might not be aware of.

We, Nishitha, Maggie, Mariyam and Roma decided to organise a History Exhibition where students could have an opportunity to research and display some information about a certain topic of their choice.

We asked the students to come up with posters, drawings, models, presentations and essays about any topic in history which they felt needed to be talked about more or had any relation to through their culture or family history. We were delighted to see so many students taking part!  All the entries were amazing and so interesting to learn about; we are so happy to see that everyone enjoyed making them. A huge variety of topics were covered, ranging from the history of Ireland, the Radium Girls, to Palestine in pictures and much more.

We are grateful to Mr Curran (Head of the History Department) for allowing us to organise the exhibition and providing suggestions and advice for the event.


It was so great to see all the unique, creative entries made by Years 7-12, and we hope everyone who took part had fun learning new things both from their own research and other students’ contributions to the event!

Nishitha, Maggie, Mariyam and Roma - Year 10