Reading Inter-Schools' Chess Tournament

The after school tournament was held at Hugh Faringdon on Thursday 22nd June 2023.   The four schools that participated in the tournament were Hugh Faringdon, Denefield, Reading Boys and Kendrick School.  Each school had about 12 players, so there were nearly 50 players in total.

Top scorers for Kendrick were Nidhi and Shriya from Year 7, Joanne and Nivi in Year 8, Abi from Year 9 and Kaya in Year 10.

All the schools played really well in the four rounds. The opponents were all easy to get along with, making the games a lot more fun.  Towards the end of the tournament, the time limit for each game was reduced to allow for time to complete all the rounds. The first and second round were both 15 minutes long, the third and fourth being 10 minutes each.


Reading Boys came first, Kendrick second, Hugh Faringdon was third and Denefield were in fourth place. Regardless of the ratings, everyone had a lot of fun and got a medal to commemorate the special occasion.

If you're interested, you can join Chess Club and be a part of the school’s team next year. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, as long as you're interested in chess. Chess Club is every Thursday, 2nd Break in room D.

By Shriya - Year 7