Kendrick's Got Talent

At the start of this term, auditions were held for students across the school to showcase their talent in a spin-off of the ever famous Got Talent franchise. This included seeing talents from Year 7 to 10 during lunchtime, which the School Council and Kendrick Student Leadership (KSL) teams helped organise. We saw a range of talent from singing, dancing, rapping, violin playing and magic tricks. We had four student judges and with a meticulously planned timetable and a lot of effort, auditions were underway. From Monday to Friday students from all year groups sat in the dance studio to watch this happen and support our community.

In the end, School Council and KSL averaged out the scores and picked out the two highest scorers from each year group, who were through to the finals. They had two weeks to keep practising or come up with a new song to sing or dance to.


On Wednesday 12th July, we saw most of the school come into the Sports Hall at lunchtime. Our hosts, Maggie and Rishona kept everyone highly entertained whilst first starting off with some One Direction whilst we were waiting for the show to start. We recruited some experts in their field to judge. Heather in year twelve (music), Ms Nolte (dance), Ms Hyde (drama) and Mrs Williamson (our voice of reason). The event ran as smoothly as it could, and we saw some amazing finalists perform.


The order of the winners are as follows:

  1. Akshaya in Year 9 who had an amazing singing performance of ‘Never Enough’ from the Greatest Showman.
  2. Abi in Year 7 with an astonishingly flexible dance to ‘Girl on fire’ by Alisha Keys.
  3. Tatiana, Deeksha, Arrutpa and Jiya in Year 10 as the Prophet Posse with a highly original rap group showcasing Kendrick.


School council was able to run this event with the support of the KSL. However, this event could not have happened without Ms Valentine who helped organise the event and was fully dedicated to it this term. A big thank you to her, the School Council and the KSL for all the support.

Isabelle - Year 10