Biology Olympiad And Challenge Results

This was the first year we opened up the challenges and started the Intermediate Biology Olympiad, for Year 12 students and the Biology Challenge for students in Year 9 and 10. We are very happy with the number of students who completed the challenges, 29 year 12 students signed up for the Intermediate Olympiad, and we achieved 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 8 Bronze awards. For the Biology Challenge, 17 Year 9 and 10 students completed the exam, achieving 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze awards. 

The Biology Intermediate Olympiad is a 60-minute paper where students are presented with some unfamiliar topics and ideas so their ability to apply their understanding of Biology is crucial, alongside investigative and analytical skills.

The Biology Challenge consists of two 25-minute papers, which our students sat back to back.  Again, students were presented with topics they were not familiar with and expected to use their own understanding and clues in the questions to answer the questions. 

The Biology Department are so proud of the achievements of the students, and we look forward to seeing more people sign up next year, to challenge their understanding of Biological Sciences.