A Level & GCSE Results 2023

We are delighted with the A Level and GCSE results received this summer at Kendrick School. We are very pleased and proud of our students and would like to congratulate them on their incredible achievements and celebrate their success.

We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that all the students have done in their studies over the last few years in challenging circumstances. Throughout this time, our students have been focused, demonstrated resilience, determination and worked closely and collaboratively with their teachers and staff.

My thanks as always, to the teachers and staff, governors and parents for all the support, guidance and encouragement that is given to our students during their time at Kendrick and the contribution this has made to their results this year.  We have enjoyed teaching and working with them and we are very proud of them all.


I would like to thank the teachers and staff who have worked so hard with the students to support, guide, and encourage them in their endeavours. I would also like to thank the parents for the essential support they have given to their children over the years. Today is a very proud day for all of us as we acknowledge this significant milestone for our young people.


Our very best wishes to our students who are planning and preparing for the next stage in their lives. We thank them for everything they have done during their time at Kendrick and wish them well for the future.

With very best wishes,

Christine Kattirtzi
17th August 2023