Commendation For An Economics Essay

I recently had the great privilege of visiting Oxford University for the awards ceremony of the John Locke essay competition, where I received a commendation. With over 19,000 participants globally, I wrote an economics essay titled ‘What would happen if we banned billionaires?’ A question which intrigued me as billionaires have a profound impact on the economy even in ways that may not seem related, such as their influence on politics.   

The awards' weekend at Oxford began on Friday evening with a 3-course dinner at Christ Church college followed by an evening lecture in the Town Hall. The next day began promptly at 9am where we had the chance to receive a series of lectures from various Oxford professors as well as those with specialised expertise in the respective essay topics. This was preceded by lunch at another Oxford college. After lunch, it was back to more lectures, this time on how to write good essays. Next, was the penultimate event of the day-the awards ceremony at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre. The evening culminated with a gala reception at the Ashmolean Museum. It was a lively atmosphere which lasted late into the night. Finally, the weekend ended with a final talk on Sunday. 

All in all, it is safe to say that I found it to be a thoroughly rewarding experience for which I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it. 

Ishita -Year 13