Hundreds of Haikus for National Poetry Day

Students from all year groups showcased their creative flair on National Poetry Day by writing haiku (a Japanese poetic form comprising three lines and seventeen syllables) and placing them in the English Department’s Haiku Box. A total of 179 haikus were submitted on subjects ranging from nature and the seasons to disability awareness to the canteen at lunchtime!

The overall standard was very high, and poems by Eshaal (Year 8), Dhanushka (Year 13), Meher (Year 7), Evie (Year 10), Suby (Year 8), Elizabeth (Year 7) and Tatiana (Year 11) were all highly commended. The runners-up were Ananya (Year 9), Wanda (Year 7) and Mahi (Year 7), and the winner was Hana in Year 8 with this stunning quartet of haikus about the transience of our world:

Dancing flames flicker

Wrapping around the tall trees

Burnt to ashes - gone.


Splashing droplets fall

Into the rushing river

Disappearing - gone.


Whistling wind blows now

Howling, whispering, vicious

Houses collapse - gone.


Rumbling earth shakes next

Cracking, crumbling, rubble left

Rock crashes down - gone.

Congratulations to everyone who took part! Students also have the opportunity to enter our ‘Refuge’ poetry competition using the theme of this year’s National Poetry Day, and the deadline for this is Friday 20th October.

Mr Dilley and Miss Akcay