Widening Horizons 2023-24

On Tuesday 14th November, we were excited to launch our Widening Horizons programme for the 2023-24 academic year. Parents and students of girls in Years 3-5 who are in receipt of pupil premium (free school meals), service premium (children with a parent(s) in the British Armed Forces) and who live in our designated area and children in care or previously in care attended an Information Evening at Kendrick School.

Parents were taken on tours of the school by our Sixth Form students and listened to talks from the Headteacher and other members of staff whilst the students participated in exciting workshops such as art, drama and library with our staff, supported by our Year 10 students.


Two parents with students who have taken part in the Widening Horizons programme spoke to the parents about their, and their child’s, positive experience of Kendrick School and this programme, and gave some helpful tips and advice on making the most of this opportunity.

Our remote Inspire Club for these students will start on Tuesday 21st November and continue every Tuesday between 4pm to 5pm, throughout the year during term time. Students will also be invited to events in school once a term.

Year 5 students who want to take our admission test in September 2024, for entry into Year 7 in September 2025, will receive at least 6 familiarisation sessions before the tests, free online material and books, and the opportunity to attend a half-day session in the summer holidays.


For the test itself, a score of 5 points lower than the qualifying score will be applied to applicants eligible for the Widening Horizons programme. This means that the eligible students who achieve this lower qualifying score and put Kendrick School as first choice on their Local Authority secondary school application form will be offered a place at Kendrick School. Please see our website for more information on eligibility

If your child qualifies for the Widening Horizons programme, and you would like her to take part in this initiative, or you would like to check whether she would be eligible, please email admissions@kendrick.readings.sch.uk.


We would like to sincerely thank all the parents and primary school students that attended, the two Widening Horizons parents who spoke so well and with such enthusiasm, and all our staff and students that supported the event.