Chess At Kendrick

This school year has seen excellent attendance at Chess Club, with students from all Years taking part in friendly games, followed by knockout tournaments. The Year 7 tournament was won by Neha in Year 7 and the Year 8 upwards tournament by Saswathi in Year 10.

Prizes were also given to students who have been representing the Kendrick team in the online Inter-Schools battles, where they play against schools across the country. This uses the Lichess Arena Battle set-up where players play as many matches as they can in a 1-hour time limit – they have 5 min + 3s increments for their moves, so games are fast and very competitive.

The Kendrick team have done very well, regularly coming about 11th out of 30 + schools in the main competition, but doing exceedingly well in the girls-only ‘ShePlaysToWin’ competition. KENDRICK was FIRST in the October Battle, and only 2 points behind the winner in the November Battle, out of about 20 girls’ schools. The top scorers have been Shriya in Year 8, Arushi in Year12, Chelsea, Nidhi and Ananya from Year 8, and Joanne in Year 9, who won an amazing 9 games within one hour of play.

Next term, the UK Schools’ Chess Challenge will be happening at Chess Club, so do come along for some chess fun with prizes.