Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

This morning, at Kendrick School we commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day (27/01) with an assembly lead by Ms. Kattirtzi. Some Year 12 History students took us through this year’s theme of the 'Fragility of Freedom' by explaining how those who are targeted for persecution have had their freedom restricted and removed, like Anne Frank who spoke in her diary about Jewish people not being able to ride a bicycle or take a talk when they wished. Our students also explained that others risked their freedom, like Vali Rácz risked her freedom and her life to save Jews in Hungary during the Second World War. Despite being aware she would likely be murdered if caught, she built a false partition into a large wardrobe to hide people.


This was followed by our Year 13 Holocaust Ambassadors speaking to us about their experiences of visiting Auschwitz and hearing survivors’ testimonies, and how this took their understanding of the holocaust to a new level.

All Kendrick students have been invited to read more on the topic in the form of a display in the main school and to enter a poetry competition to express their feelings about the fragility of freedom.


It is at this time of year that the students, staff, and friends of Kendrick School are invited to renew their pledge to our school to uphold the values of friendship, kindness and respect, as well as standing against prejudice, ignorance and injustice. We do this by signing our book in the library each January.