Year 11 Field Trip to Berinsfield

On Monday 22nd January, the Year 11 Geography students left to conduct fieldwork about a rural area in a small village not far from Oxford called Berinsfield. 

We took the coach there and when we arrived, we drove around the edge of the village. As soon as we got off the coach, we started conducting our primary research; we visited different sites on both the West and East side of Berinsfield so that we could compare them once we got back. It was interesting to find out that Berinsfield was only established in the late 1940s on a World War 2 airfield: it didn’t fit at all with what we picture a traditional village to look like!  

We used various geographical techniques to allow us to achieve our aim of comparing our primary findings to those of the secondary data we had access to in school. We started by completing EQ surveys about 6 sites around the village, scoring them on factors such as traffic/ pollution, housing and open space.

Another technique we used was picking three descriptive words for the feeling of both sides of the village - which Mrs. Dunlop then made into very pretty word clouds. When we were evaluating our techniques, it was interesting to see how our personal experiences affected how we rated each of the sites and other reasons why there may have been inconsistencies in our data.  

The Geography teachers had warned us to wrap up warm, thankfully this wasn’t needed, as it was a lovely sunny day to walk around the Oxfordshire village. However, when the wind picked up, we were all glad to get back on the coach and the biscuits when we got to school were much appreciated. It was really nice to put into practice we’re learning in the classroom; thank you to the Geography department for organising another engaging trip.  

By Evie and Shivani