Winter Writings - A Season of Creativity

Hello all! We are the Creative Writing Society, and we recently had a launch for our anthology, Winter Writings. We are a club with a wide age range, and an aim to develop and further improve our creative writing skills. That’s why we are excited to showcase our work in bound and printed form. Building on the knowledge from our first anthology (Time), we worked hard to match the high standard that our writers set last year. Originally, we planned to do a launch near the end of December, as it fitted well with the theme, but decided to move the date back, to give members time to really refine their stories.

We were delighted to finally launch our 2024 Creative Writing Anthology, Winter Writings, on Friday 1st March. It was wonderful to share the students’ creativity, eat biscuits and hand out certificates to the deserving writers. As club leaders, we were so proud of all our members for what they have accomplished this year. Hearing our members read extracts from their stories really showed off the diverse mix of genres, styles, settings and characters found in the anthology. Although, unfortunately, the physical copies didn’t arrive on time, we still managed to run a successful launch and even get some pre-orders! The books actually arrived a day later, and we are all impressed with how they turned out. It was lovely to see the excitement on some of the member’s faces to see their work in a proper book for the first time.

We can’t end this article without thanking the many people who have contributed in some way to this anthology. Thank you to all the club attendees and story writers, to the artists, to the finance department for helping with the buying and selling of the book, to the librarians and Mr Dilley for coming to the launch and presenting the awards and most importantly Ms Fieldsend. She has worked tirelessly alongside the student club leaders to edit, refine, publish and generally organise this anthology. We are certain that without her, none of this would have been possible.

They are now available to order and buy on ParentPay for those who are interested in reading the work of Kendrick students.

Elise and Tatiana - Year 11