A Business Language Challenge

On Monday 26th February, A-Level German, Spanish and French students went to Reading School to attend an event hosted by the Business Language Challenge on journalism and the influence of modern languages within the world of work. On arrival, we were welcomed with biscuits and then split into groups mixed with students from other schools, who studied the same language as us. After introducing ourselves to our team, everyone took part in a quiz in which we had to guess which news company belonged to which country.


We then received a talk from UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) reporter and writer Simon Hart in Spain, who informed us about the ways in which a language degree could aid us in our future. He explained how knowing many languages has significantly helped him in communicating with athletes from all over the world, especially those who don't speak English, which has given him an edge over other journalists.

We then moved on to our main task, which required us to create the front page of a newspaper in the language we study!  It had to include three articles, a main breaking news story, and paid advertisements. We worked together within our groups to create this 'newspaper publication', including design and logistics. We took on the various roles of an interviewer, editor and writer and our tasks involved speaking to each other, the ad agencies, interviewees, other journalists and reporters - all in our foreign language, of course! The experience allowed us to put our language-speaking skills to use in different scenarios.

After completing the front pages on our chosen topics, we had to present it to a panel of judges, answer questions and give an overview of our newspaper. We then had to pick a celebrity who would endorse our newspaper and create a poster and presentation to support our choices. Each task had strict time guidelines as well, so not only was it challenging due to it testing our language skills, but also our time management abilities.

We found working with other students from different schools fascinating because we got to observe their language skills and enhance our teamwork abilities. It was a day full of challenging, different experiences and a step into the wider world of creativity and linguistics. Language skills allow you to get creative on many different levels, opening up a world of opportunities!

By Sohini, Yasna & Punya