Choral Performance For Charity

On Monday 11th March, around 30 students from Kendrick and Reading School visited the Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH) for a choral performance to lift spirits and raise some money for Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity.

As members of the Chamber Choir for the upcoming Air Ambulance Charity Concert, we had been preparing some repertoire and thought it would be a fun opportunity to get an extra performance before the big show! 



We performed many classic hits, such as Viva La Vida, Don’t Stop Believing, and Bohemian Rhapsody in a variety of ensembles, including choir and barbershop quartet. Passers-by seemed to really enjoy the music and we even received a few donations!


Organised through my role in the RBH Youth Forum, this was a great opportunity to work with the students from Reading School, as part of our overarching objective, which is the Air Ambulance Charity Concert being held next week.

We are all really looking forward to raising more money at the concert next week, and possibly singing at RBH again sometime soon!

I’d like to thank Rachel, a staff member at RBH who leads the Youth Forum, for helping me organise this performance.

By Ananya - Year 12