Biology Olympiad Success

Earlier this year, around fifty Biology A-level students participated in the highly regarded British Biology Olympiad, an advanced problem-solving competition which challenges and stimulates students across the country, on topics and ideas that go beyond the exam specification.

Fourteen students were awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold (most pictured below), with many others walking away with a highly commended certificate. As the quotes below illustrate, their participation in the competition was deeply enriching and valuable, allowing the students to gain new perspectives on Biology. There will be further opportunities later this year for students in lower years to take part, so watch this space for more information if you’re interested...!  

"I enjoyed the challenge of the Olympiad as I was introduced to a wider range of topics in Biology, some of which piqued my interest as I would like to pursue a career in healthcare in the future." - Sana (Year 12)  

“For me, biology and science have always been a safe space and a passion; there’s always been so much more to learn and investigate. Taking part in the Olympiad enabled me to find out about completely different sides of biology that I have never met before.” - Dora (Year 12) 

"Throughout the Olympiad, I found myself challenged in ways that encouraged resilience and adaptability, shaping my understanding of biology in profound ways. This journey has reinforced my passion for the subject and instilled within me a lifelong commitment to exploring the complexities of the natural world." - Vishnupriya (Year 12)