Air Ambulance Charity Concert 2024

This year’s annual student-led Air Ambulance Charity Concert was a huge success; students from all year groups and both schools came together to produce harmonious sounds as part of a variety of talented ensembles.  This concert was started as an act of gratitude after the Air Ambulance saved a student’s life, and has been taking place for over a decade, surviving tough circumstances like the pandemic.

Over the last few months, students devoted time and energy outside their school curriculum to making this concert a reality; from the musicians attending weekly rehearsals, to the stagehands, lighting and sound teams. Every performance on the night was of an exceptional standard, a culmination of dedication to this incredibly important cause. 


Over 200 people came to watch, and contributed even more via a tempting raffle, refreshments and donations.  In total, we raised an incredible £2827.33, an achievement that every student who participated should be extremely proud of! 


The positive spirit of the event is summarised in the comments of participating students:

“ The camaraderie between the musicians and the relationships built along the way was incredible. It was a great opportunity for people to express their individuality through music and develop leadership skills. This concert was truly special.” - Ryan

“I loved the Air Ambulance concert because it allowed me to meet new people and do things I wouldn’t normally be able to” - Holly

“It was a truly amazing concert and experience - I absolutely loved being a part of this incredible tradition, especially as it allowed me to talk to so many people I've never talked to before” - Kitty 

“This is the second Air Ambulance concert I have been part of now. The student-led aspect of it is amazing, and it is great to be able to take charge of as small or as large a part of the production as you want. As always, the memories and friendships made are unmatched.” - Emlyn 

“Air Ambulance is an incredible experience every time I take part. The last three times that I’ve participated have been unforgettable, and I’ve made so many new friends. Having the chance to showcase musical talent across both schools is so valuable!" - Parker 

"The Air Ambulance concert has been a definitive highlight for the last three years of my time at Kendrick, and, as always, this year has been unforgettable.  A truly brilliant showcase of what the students are capable of; I'm so thankful I got to be a small part of it!!’- Diana 

"This Air Ambulance concert was driven by a warm community spirit from all the students involved!  I am both delighted to have been a part of the event and a bit saddened by the fact that it is my last... Wishing it continued success in future years!"- Yash 

Organising this concert has been an incredible opportunity for us to develop our interpersonal, musical and leadership skills; we’ve really enjoyed taking the baton and creating something special! Thank you to everyone who played a part, big or small, in bringing our ideas to reality - we are extremely proud! 

Ananya - Kendrick School, Joshua and Avaneesh - Reading School

Full Performance Preview - Air Ambulance Charity Concert 2024