Kendrick Young Reporter Competition

Earlier this year, the Curriculum and Current Affairs Committee launched the Kendrick Young Reporter Competition, an opportunity for students from all year groups to report their views/experiences regarding an issue, allowing them to learn and share topics they are passionate about. The entries varied in formats of audio, video and written text.

We had some fantastic entries, which made judging ever so hard, on various topics ranging from climate change to discoveries and possibilities of AI, highlighting the broad interests of students at Kendrick. 

We would like to congratulate the winners of the competition (in order from 1st to 3rd): Kaavya Year 9, Faith Year 10 and Darya in Year 7 for their amazing entries that show a great depth of understanding and interest.  The winners have briefly introduced their entries below and what motivated them to discuss those topics. Their full entries have been linked below for all to enjoy.

Kaavya (Year 9):

In today's age of misinformation, young people can easily internalise harmful societal norms, like equating femininity with weakness. Despite initial scepticism, watching 'Barbie' left me feeling empowered and inspired by Greta Gerwig's nuanced portrayal of womanhood. This video essay reflects my belief that while womanhood can look like anything, stereotypes shouldn’t eliminate the possibility of excellence beyond them. My research revealed diverse interpretations of the film's allegory, inspiring meaningful self-reflection and dialogue about gender strengths. It is opportunities like these that allow you to explore mainstream media on a different and more personal basis, which can help you find your voice.

Faith (Year 10): 

AI, once a peripheral topic, has now surged to the forefront of our collective consciousness due to its rapid advancement, promising to reshape industries and redefine possibilities. I was particularly interested in the paradoxical nature of AI’s growth as, despite the negative headlines and scepticism in 2023, AI’s popularity soared due to its awe-inspiring achievements. I believe in years to come, AI will divert from a mere media talking point to becoming a focal point of progress across diverse sectors. Young people need to be prepared for the age of AI that is upon us, as its impact will be felt far beyond the circuits and algorithms that birthed it.

Darya (Year 7)

Kendrick is all about the extraordinary, empowering us to be change-makers. I chose the topic of the cost of living crisis as it is an issue that requires community collaboration and, as a result, will provide hope for the future by easing the difficult present. We have a community that involves everyone from the young to the elderly where everyone can make a difference - so we should never stop trying to change our world for the better.

Medha - Year 13