Music Outreach at Churchend Primary

On Thursday 9th May, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Nicholson took four very talented sixth form students to Churchend Primary School to do some music outreach work with their Year 5 students. They were introduced to music of a range of styles, including Disney, film music and jazz, on instruments such as the piano, clarinet and flute, as well as vocal pieces.

Heather had students doing vocal and physical warm-ups before singing some snippets from musical theatre and opera. She also accompanied Jodie, who sang the famous ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.


Jodi then took over and explained how versatile the piano could be, a little about the notes on the piano, and played them some Studio Ghibli music which she thoroughly enjoyed playing, and the students loved listening to.


Georgia and Mrs Cooper then spoke about their instruments, the clarinet and the flute, and what you needed to do to make a sound on them. The students were fascinated by the different pitches they could play and the jazz and film music they heard.

The event finished with a joint item, ‘I See the Light’ from Tangled and students asking questions about the places they’d performed, what other instruments we played, and so much more. Everyone had a wonderful time (including some of their teachers who sang along to our songs as we sang and played), and both Churchend students and our own learnt a lot from the experience and look forward to doing more of this in the future.