Author Catherine Bruton's Online Visit

On Friday, 17th May, we were delighted to receive an online visit from award-winning author Catherine Bruton attended by keen readers and writers in Years 7-9.  Inaya in Year 7, who was already a big fan of Catherine's books, supplied this report:

'The Catherine Bruton online visit was extraordinary and unforgettable! She helped all the people who attended with some brilliant writing tips and ways to develop our story-writing skills. Her books are outstanding and unique because she adds heart-warming meanings.  For example, in her latest story, Bird Boy, the message is that there are hardships in life, but there is always a path to overcome them. Catherine was very enthusiastic and talked about how she loved to share her beneficial morals with the world through her books. She is a true role model for younger readers and writers.

One of my favourite books written by Bruton is No Ballet Shoes in Syria because it was very sentimental and unputdownable. The book is about an 11-year-old girl called Aya who comes to England seeking asylum from war in Syria. In the community centre Aya and her family are staying, there is a ballet class with a brilliant teacher who spots the little girl’s exceptional talent. The teacher believes that Aya has the potential to earn a scholarship to the Royal Northern, a ballet school. But at the same time, Aya is busy helping her tired Mother take care of her little brother Moosa, fighting to be allowed to stay in the country, and most importantly, to find her Father, who got separated from them during the arduous journey from Syria. It was very enjoyable and hooked me because whilst reading the book, it felt like you were in Aya’s shoes and looking from her perspective a lot of the time.'

Students had the chance to ask Catherine their own questions, and she shared lots of secrets with us - including how she has managed to break the spellcheck on her computer because there are so many errors when she types up the first drafts of her stories! She also told us about her cameo appearance in the forthcoming film adaptation of one of her novels. We now have copies of most of Catherine's books in the library, so we hope lots more students will enjoy exploring her beautiful stories!   

Mr Dilley - Head of English