'Create A Buzz' at Reading Climate Festival

Eco-committee students participated in the Reading Climate Festival on 13th June this year. Ex-Kendrick student Natalie Penney, founder of Nature-Nurture, organised the event ‘Create a Buzz’ with other volunteers. It started with an audiovisual experience in a human-sized bee-hive, after which students drew their own favourite bee out of the 200+ varieties presented to them.

Their favourite part of the day was the ‘Bee-silly’ time, where they learnt about the bee behaviours and re-enacted those, and finished with using the zoom lens to see parts of the flower and learning about the process of bee pollination.  We hope this experience led students to appreciate bees and their importance in the biodiversity.



Thanks to Mrs Kaur, Mrs Mayers and Mrs Glaister for organising and supporting this event.