Kendrick School as ‘Best in Class’ in New Scientist magazine’s Special Report on ‘Women in Physics’​​​​​​​

The 10th November 2018 edition of New Scientist had a special report on Women in Physics.

Mrs Conlon, Subject Leader of Physics, had been interviewed by New Scientist as the school is known for having a very good uptake of girls doing Physics, as recognised by the Institute of Physics award in 2016 for excellence in this area.

The department aims to help students to realise that ‘Physics is Fun’ rather than the popular perception that Physics is hard, and many Kendrick physics students go on to STEM careers.

Students run clubs on Tuesdays, 2nd break, alternating between Space Society and Engineering Society. These are open to all Upper school and sixth form students.

There was both an editorial and a 6 page report on the topic of Women in Physics in the magazine.

The Editorial: Editorial

The report: Six page report