Success in the UK Mathematics Trust Competitions

Mathematical Olympiad for Girls

Malaika  (Year 11) and Mia,  Jackie and Jana (all Year 13) took part in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls earlier this term.  Over 1,400 girls nationwide participated , with the top 25% receiving a certificate of Distinction. All four students received a Certificate of Distinction. In addition Mia and Jackie qualified for Olympiad competitions taking place later this month.

The Mathematical Olympiad for Girls is an event run by the UK Mathematics Trust, introduced in 2011 to help schools nurture the talents of enthusiastic young female mathematicians.

A sample question from the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls:

Each of 100 houses in a row are to be painted white or yellow. The residents are quite particular and request that no three neighbouring houses are all the same colour.

a) Explain why no more than 67 houses can be painted yellow. (4marks)

b) In how many different ways may the houses be painted if exactly 67 are painted yellow?

UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge

On Tuesday 6th November 130 students from Years 12 and 13 took part in the Senior Mathematics Challenge. They spent 90 minutes answering multi choice problem solving questions designed to make them think..  The results were as follows, 11 Gold, 23 Silver and 56 Bronze certificates.  Two students qualified for the British Mathematical Olympiad with  an amazing 120 and 112 out of 125 respectively - well done to Mia and Prasida. 9 students qualified for for the senior Kangaroo, both of these rounds will take place on Friday 30th November. 

 Well done to everyone who took part.