Quantum Physics

In order to introduce our class to the idea of Quantum Physics, we spent our first lesson investigating the range of spectral lines by utilising diffraction gratings. This consisted looking at lights, created by exciting the electrons (giving them energy) in each of the individual Noble Gases, so they would jump to different energy shell and radiate light. We looked at the light produced through a grating that had 600 markings every millimetre ! It was extremely fascinating to see a basic, coloured light being split into the whole spectrum through the grating! 

Each Noble Gas produces a different spectrum when looked at through the grating, each one with its unique fascinating pattern. Whilst the class was admiring the beauty of diffraction in lights, Mr Hill explained why the things we were seeing were appearing the way they were. He explained that through the electric circuit, we were supplying the electrons with energy

which resulted in what we were able to see. It was quite amazing to think a tiny electron could be responsible for such an astonishing sight ! 

I believe I speak on behalf of the class, when I say we are all looking forward to learning more about Quantum Physics.

Varda, Year 12 student