Gold Award in British Physics Olympiad Competition

Congratulations to Kitty, a Year 13 student, who achieved a Gold Award in the BPHO Competition which took place towards the end of last term.

The paper was nearly 3 hours long and was designed to stretch and challenge the top young physicists in the country in the national competition. Kitty was amongst the top 10% - an outstanding achievement – and she will receive a book prize later in the year.

Also congratulations go to the other Year 13 Physics students who had participated in the earlier ‘A2 Challenge’ Competition. The highest award, a MERIT, was achieved by Kitty, Mia and Top in School, Anna.  Well done to all.

Coming up for Year 12s and Year 11s will be two competitions in March 2019: the AS Challenge and the GCSE Challenge. Further information will be given via lessons, but if you would like to start practising, visit the website for past papers and mark-schemes: