Year 8 Act of Kindness

The Task

A few weeks ago, we were given a sheet of card from our form tutors. We were asked to divide the sheet into smaller squares and write our name on one side, and the Letter K on the other. We were utterly confused, so our form tutors explained to us that we could give a 'Kendrick Kindness K' to someone in our year group when they have been kind to us (other than standard etiquette, such as holding the door open).

After Two Weeks

Two weeks later, we were asked to count up how many Ks we had obtained. We thought that the results were excellent. Every student has more Ks than they started with and some students even had more than 30 Kindness tokens!

The Effect it Had

We think that this event really made us think what we could do to be kind to others, and made us overall better people. It was an excellent few weeks, and we're sure that the kindness that was sparked will continue.

Hannah and Mriganka 8W