"My Visit to the BBC in 1946" by Margaret Grace Prudames

In this wonderful and detailed essay, Margaret writes about her experience of singing live on Children’s Hour, with the Kendrick School Choir and Orchestra; at the BBC Broadcasting House on Sunday 3rd February 1946. 

Margaret shares with us her feelings of excitement and nerves, along with the pressure that “Everything must go off well”.   She writes of being able to explore the BBC building, after enjoying a very opulent tea, considering rationing was still in place!


We can feel the tension as Margaret recalls the count down, and “phew, we were on air!” She tells of how the choir gains confidence, and how “our voices rang out as they had never rung before”, whilst the “orchestra played “extremely well”.   

Margaret feels clearly honoured to have had such an experience, and we are honoured that she has been able to share it with us!

Essay kindly donated by Robert Lester