About Us

Kendrick School is a high achieving selective school for girls aged 11 to 18. It is a specialist school in Science, Mathematics and Languages .

Over the years Kendrick has built and maintained an impressive record of the highest academic standards and achievements. It is now acknowledged as being amongst the very best state schools in the country. Kendrick is proud of its superb reputation and also the opportunities it affords its students to participate in an all round education where their thirst for knowledge and love of learning is nurtured in a secure and caring environment. Kendrick aims to celebrate and value the traditions of the past and the challenges of the future. The school combines the virtues of a traditional grammar school while confidently embracing modern approaches to teaching, learning, technology, management and leadership.

In the autumn of 2006, the Kendrick Federation was formed. This was a soft federation between Kendrick School and Reading Girls’ School. The purpose and aim of the federation was for the two schools to work in collaboration, sharing good practice to raise the standards of education and achievement of young women in Reading. In November 2008 Kendrick School and Reading Girls’ School formed a joint trust: Girls’ Trust for Educational Excellence and Enterprise. The two schools continue to work together.

In its last four OFSTED inspections, Kendrick was graded an “outstanding” school. In its inspection in 2008, OFSTED considered that Kendrick was “a thriving community seeking to do its very best for its students. “Students in this outstanding school continue to prosper academically and in their personal development”. Please click on the attachment for our latest OFSTED report.

In February 2011 Kendrick School became an Academy.

The school is led by Headteacher, Ms Christine Kattirtzi.