Admission Policies

As no consultation is required, the Governing Body of Kendrick School has agreed its policies for 2022 entry for Year 7, Year 12 and Non-Routine. 

Admission Policies for Entry in September 2022 

The policies below have been amended to take in account the School's Adjudicator's request in October 2021. The changes are highlighted in yellow.

Year 7 - September 2022

Year 12 September 2022

Non-Routine - 2022/2023 

Admission Policies for Entry in 2020 

Changes made in light of the Schools Adjudicator ruling on our Year 7 and Year 12 2020 policies are highlighted in the policies below:

Admission into Year 7 in September 2020

Admission into Year 12 in September 2020

Non-Routine Admission - 2020/21 Entry