Admission into Year 7 in September 2022

The Admission Policy for Entry into Year 7 in September 2022 has been ratified by our Governing Body and available to view below.

Open Event 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is uncertain as to whether our annual Open Event in April 2021 will be held in school or will be a virtual event. Once there is more certainty we will communicate our plans on this page.

Widening Horizons - Pupil Premium/Service Premium/Child in Care 

As part of the Widening Horizons Project, Kendrick School offers the following support for pupil premium students for entry into Year 7 at Kendrick School:

  • score of 5 points lower than the qualifying score will be applied for pupil premium or service premium students and Looked After Children and Children in Care, whose permanent home address is within Priority Area 1 and Priority Area 2 of the designated area.
  • Our Admission policy prioritises pupil premium students which means that all pupil premium students which achieve this lower qualifying  score and live within our Priority Area (1 and 2) and put Kendrick School as first choice on their Local Authority secondary school application form will be offered a place at Kendrick School
  • All pupil premium students which apply to sit the Admission test for 2020 entry are offered free familiarisation program for the Admission test in the summer and start of the autumn term 2019 which will also help their current school work. This will include free after school sessions at Kendrick School and free access to an online package.

For more information on the Widening Horizons project please click on the link below or email  Eligibility will be sought from the primary school.

Kendrick School - Widening Horizons

Designated Area 

Kendrick School operate a designated area as part of its oversubscription criteria.   The address which will be used for consideration for this purpose will be the applicant’s permanent address at 31st August 2021.  For more information on the designated area, please click on the link below.

Designated Area 


An applicant’s permanent home address is their normal place of residence, excluding any business address or a relative or childminder’s address, and must be the permanent place of residence of the parent/carer with whom the applicant spends the majority of their time, Monday to Friday. Where there is a formal residence order or child arrangements order which states that care of the child is equally shared between parents/carers, then it is up to them to agree which address to use for the purpose of making a school place application. If care of the applicant is not equally shared, the address of the parent with whom the applicant spends the majority of their time must be used. Where there is no formal agreement in place, the address where any child benefit payments are made will be used.

The exception to this is if the family are Crown Servants or members of the Armed Forces. Documentary evidence will be required.

If the main address has changed temporarily, for example where a family is renting a property on a Short Term Tenancy Agreement (12 months or under), then the parental address remains that at which the parent was resident before the period of temporary residence began unless it can be shown that all ties to the previous address have been relinquished, or that the move is not easily reversible. The Governors may refuse to base an allocation on an address which might be considered only a temporary address or an address of convenience. An address of convenience is considered to be an address used for the purposes of gaining a school place which is not a child’s normal, permanent residence. If the permanent home address of an applicant is incorrectly stated or a parent/carer submits false or misleading information or deliberately withholds any relevant information, the application will be invalid and will result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place or a place already accepted at the School.

If the applicant’s permanent home address changes after 31st August 2021 and the change of Priority Area would result in a higher ranking, the new address will only be taken into account after the deadline from the LA for accepting or declining a place and re-ranked, if applicable, on the waiting list on 1st September 2022.  Applicants will need to provide evidence that the previous home is no longer used by the family, for example proof that the property has been sold or that it is no longer available for the family to live in or that a rental agreement has ended.

If the applicant’s permanent home address changes after 31st August 2021 and would result in a lower ranking, the new address will be taken into account immediately and the applicant re-ranked accordingly.

Once offers have been made, Kendrick School will require documentary evidence of the applicant’s permanent home address. This will include consideration as to whether or not the address used to make an application was temporary. A temporary address cannot be used to obtain a school place and will only be considered when evidence is provided showing a genuine reason for the move, such as homeliness, flooding or subsidence. Kendrick School reserves the right to carry out random checks at any time and this may include a home visit and/or consulting with the Local Authority and primary school. Parents will be required to declare that the address used will be their place of residence beyond the date of the student starting school. Kendrick School reserves its right to carry out further investigation of any change of address once the student has started school.

Familiarisation Booklet 

Familiarisation Booklets will be available on our website no later than 1st May 2021.

Applying to Take the Test 

Applications must be made via the online admission form which will be available on 1st May 2021 to 1st July 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.

Test Day  

The test day will be in the Autumn Term and confirmed in due course.