Biometrics Cashless System

Kendrick School operates a cashless biometric catering service which has proved highly successful and beneficial with 99% participation in the scheme.

Biometric identification at Kendrick School uses the finger and its image which is then translated to a unique identification code. The system does not create or store an image of the fingerprint and it cannot be regenerated from digital data.

The cashless system provides benefit to the students in the canteen in the following ways:

  • Convenient way of paying for a school meal. No more looking for change in the morning.
  • Queuing times dramatically reduced through increased speed of service and throughput.
  • Automatic free meal allocation with students remaining anonymous.
  • Discourages the misuse of school dinner money.

Following updated Government directives (Protection of Freedoms Act 2012) every school must obtain written parental consent for the use of student biometric data prior to September 2013.  

A parent/carer can withdraw their consent at any time by writing to us. The cashless system can still be accessed by means of a card if consent to biometric registration is not given. A £5.00 replacement fee will be charged if the card is lost.

A student’s biometric information will be deleted when she leaves the school or ceases to use the biometric system.