COVID-19 Wellbeing and Enrichment

Wellbeing Resources 

Enrichment Resources 

  • Write an entertaining article on nature or wildlife – what suggestions do you have for people to look out for?
  • Design a new cover or poster for your favourite book or film (or album, if you still have albums!)
  • Recreate a famous scene from a book or a film, with yourself/family members/pets/household objects, similar to the recreate a famous artwork challenge.  This is well worth a look just for a smile in any case. ((
  • Interview a relative on an aspect of their life you don’t already know much about (eg their school days, past careers, interests and hobbies, involvement in notable events).  Do this in person or by phone/video call.  Write up the interview in the form of an article.
  • Make a decorated version of your family tree, including a short biography of each member.
  • Make an illustrated recipe book of your family’s favourites, including any new inventions.
  • Create and make a new board game based on one of your favourite books.  Challenge – Can you make a version of Monopoly using your favourite book/series?
  • Everything on this page does not require registration to download materials- so can be used by parents (and students) directly. STEM have added guidance to some of the materials on how they might be used in a home learning environment and will continue to add more.
  • BBC - Bitesize In April, BBC Bitesize will be changing to bring daily content that supports education and well-being.