Educational Visits

Throughout their school life at Kendrick there are a number of opportunities for students to go on Educational Visits both in the UK and abroad. Throughout the academic year number of Educational Visits were planned for Year 7 students. These included an Art & Design Department visit to the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and a History trip to Reading Museum. The exact pattern of visits does vary from year to year, as different educational opportunities arise.

At the beginning of a student’s first term at Kendrick School, parents will be asked to sign a Kendrick School Parental Consent Form giving permission for their daughter to participate in  Educational Visits taking place during her years at the school. All Educational Visits are organised by members of staff and overseen by the Educational Visits Coordinator. A copy of the consent form will be made available for retention by parents. For each individual Educational Visit, a letter will be sent to parents giving details of the visit and requesting notification of any changes to the information previously provided on the Kendrick School Parental Consent Form.

In addition to a Parental Consent Form, a further form (OHA2) has to be completed for Residential Educational Visits or those Day Visits involving hazardous activities. These forms are sent to parents on a specific Educational Visit basis

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