What is studied at KS3?

Year 7

Textbook: Studio 1:

Term 1 : introduction to French

Term 2:  Module 1: Likes and dislikes, introducing yourself, regular –er verbs

Term 3: Module 2: School, subjects, partitive article

Term 4: Module 3: Free time, sports, aimer + infinitive

Term 5: Module 4: Town, activities, il y a, il n’y a pas, on peut + infinitive

Term 6: Module 5: Holidays, food and drinks, reflexive verbs, near future, je voudrais +infinitive

Year 8

Textbook Studio 2:

Term 1: Module 1: Films, television, reading, -ir and –re verbs

Term 2: Module 2: Activities in Paris, perfect tense of irregular verbs

Term 3: Module 3: Personality, music, clothes, near future tense

Term 4: Module 4: House, food and drink, comparative adjectives, prepositions

Term 5: Module 5: Talent show, superlative adjectives, infinitives and the verb vouloir, pouvoir, devoir

 Year 9

Textbook Studio 3/ AQA GCSE Textbook:

Term 1: Module 1: Social media, internet, meeting people, using three tenses

Term 2: Module 2: Body, healthy eating, il faut, future tense

Term 3: Module 3: Jobs, work, future careers, modal verbs, imperfect tense

Term 4: Module 4: Holidays, conditional tense

GCSE course: AQA GCSE Textbook

Term 5: Module 1: Family, identity, reflexive verbs, future tense

Term 6: Module 2: Technology, present tense irregular

What is studied at KS4?

Year 10 

AQA GCSE Textbook:

Term 1: Module 3: Weekend and leisure activities, perfect tense, future tense, pronouns en and y, using quand, lorsque, si

Term 2: Module 4: Festivals, reflexive verbs, perfect and imperfect tense

Term 3: Module 5: Home, town, region, conditional tense, demonstrative adjectives

Term 4: Module 6: Charities, health resolutions, il vaut/ vaudrait mieux, vouloir que+ subjunctive

Term 5 : Module 7 : Environment, poverty and homelessness, si+ present tense, pluperfect tense

Term 6: Module 8: Holidays and travel, revision all tenses

 Year 11

Term 1: School, subjects, life at school, perfect tense, conditional tense

Term 2: University or work, choice of career, si clauses, quand + future tense

Term 3: Revision of grammar, skills and vocabulary

Term 4: Revision of grammar, skills and vocabulary

Term 5: exams

 What is studied at KS5?


Mme Estefania Cervera - Subject Leader

Mme Sylvie Hulley