Valerie Hume Bursary Award

This bursary award has been set up in memory of Valerie Hume, Head of History at Kendrick School, 2009-2012. The bursary was set up by the family of Mrs Hume from donations received and will thereafter be supported by James Hume and Denis and Mary Cooper.

The bursary consists of an annual award of two x £250 for a student or students in Years 11 and 13 to pursue an activity that is constructive, useful, supporting an academic interest or vocational development in the area of Arts, Science, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics or a  practical discipline. The award is to encourage an activity that would otherwise not take place. It needs to be equivalent to that which at a later stage in life might be defined as:

‘Enhancing to professional development, being relevant to the acquisition of particular skill or knowledge, helpful to the individual either to make better academic choices (* Y11) or to reinforce those made (*Y13).’

For Year 11 this may be an extracurricular activity which may be undertaken to assist an individual in a decision about what they may wish to do when they leave school.  For Year 13, students may have already chosen a university course or professional direction and the activity they choose may help to strengthen their foundational knowledge.

Examples of activities may include a visit to a museum or an ancient site, attending a lecture or series of lectures, a masterclass, buying key books or equipment to assist in a practical activity/area of interest, experiencing an activity that will enhance personal and intellectual development.

At both levels the award is about studying positively, joyfully and constructively because you want to rather than because you have to, as well as well, as practising good decision making skills and making appropriate responsible choices, demonstrating courage and conviction and taking risks but measured ones.

How to apply:

  • Write a statement in no more than 500 words explaining the purpose of the activity you wish to pursue and how it will help you pursue the objective as set out above. State who you are and confirm your eligibility and financial need as well as the costs involved
  • Make your application by Friday 31st May 2019
  • Address it to Ms Kattirtzi, Mr Hume and Drs Cooper


Award winners will be notified by the end of June 2019. When an award has been received and used for the purpose intended, bursary recipients will be asked to submit a brief statement, no more than 300 words, explaining what they did and the outcome of their activity.

Kendrick Trust Grants

Each year the Trustees are able to give grants to Kendrick students and ex-students within 5 years of leaving Kendrick.  The Trustees encourage you, as a Kendrick student, to consider applying for these grants and look forward to receiving your application. There are two types of Grant available:-

Kendrick Trust Edmonstone Bequest Travel Scholarships

Travel scholarships of up to £500 each, to help students with travel costs for educational travel and voluntary / charity work at home and abroad (excluding commercially organized tours). The amount Trustees can offer will depend upon the number of students requesting a grant in any one year;

Maintenance allowances of up to £500 to former students of the school whilst training for a profession, or similar advanced qualification, provided their application is made within 5 years of having left Kendrick. In exceptional circumstances allowances may be extended to former students undertaking a course in higher education;

Kendrick Trust MM Towne Memorial Music & Arts Grants

Grants towards the cost of travel, course fees etc. to current students who may be studying Music,  Drama, Dance etc. out of school hours and towards the costs of participating in musical tours, events and festivals;

How to Apply

Applications should state

  • the purpose for which the grant is required
  • provide details of the contribution the applicant has made to the school
  • the total amount required for the project and the amount expected to be raised by the applicant
  • the applicant’s full name, school year and postal address

Students and former students should address their applications to Mrs J Elliott (Trustee) and send them to Ms Kattirtzi at Kendrick School who will provide a recommendation for the trustees.

Applications for 2019 should be submitted by Monday 30th April 2019. 


The Trustees meet in early May and all applicants will be informed of the Committee’s decision shortly after the meeting. Where a grant is awarded, a cheque for the amount will be included with the letter.

The Trustees would like to receive a short report from successful applicants on completion of their activity