Joining Year 7 in September 2019

The information below is relevant to new Year 7 students joining us in September 2019. 

Year 7 Letters to New Students 

Your child  will soon be receiving a letter from a current Year 7 student at Kendrick School.  Please bear in mind that these letters are written through the eyes of a Year 7 student.  Any personal information such as home phone numbers and home email addresses have been removed from the letter.  If your child has not received a letter by Friday 21st June please let us know. Any contact between the students in the first instance should be made through the Year 7 student’s school email address.

Induction Morning – Friday 21st June 2019

Please bring your child to Reception (entrance in East Street) between 8.30am and 8.50am.  Please do not arrive before 8.30am as we cannot give you access to the school before then.  Your child will be taken to the Sports Hall to be registered and will be allocated to her tutor group with whom she will spend the rest of the morning.

Your child should be dressed as she would be for her normal school day, and should bring a pen or pencil with her.  She will also need to bring a mid-morning snack and drink.  Please do not provide any products with nuts.

During the morning your child will have activities designed to introduce her to her tutor and classmates.  Your child will also have several “taster” lessons. 

You can collect your child from Reception at 12.20pm.

Information Evening – Thursday 27th June 2019 

Registration for the evening will start at 6.00pm and there will be a ‘meet and mingle’ session hosted by the Kendrick Parents’ Society (KPS) until 7pm.  Please allow at least 20 minutes to register and to collect your Information Pack.

The evening will start promptly at 7pm with a talk in the Hall by the Headteacher, a School Governor and the Kendrick Parents’ Society (KPS).

From 8pm to 9pm, parents/carers will be divided into groups and there will be a ‘carousel’ type session with talks from members of staff, including the Headteacher, on various subjects including expectations of students, parental support, day to day life at Kendrick School, internet safety, and curriculum and assessment. There will also be an opportunity for parents/carers to ask questions and to meet the Form Tutors.

During the evening your child will spend time in her new form group and her House.

You will be able to collect goods purchased online before the evening and details of how to do this will be sent to you are below. 

Due to space and the format of the evening, we would be grateful if you could make arrangements for siblings wherever possible. Thank you.

Kendrick Parents’ Society – Food Festival: Sunday 7th July 2019, 11am to 3pm 

Organised by the Kendrick Parents’ Society (KPS), this event is the first of its kind for us and is an innovative attempt to celebrate and leverage the variety and diversity of our school community. The event in essence is an International Food Festival to be held on 7th July on our school grounds, with the key attraction being speciality home cooked cuisines and delicacies from across the world, run by our own school student families! There are also going to be games stalls run by students, cake baking competition, photo shoot booth and much more!! Please see the flyer via  link below for more details and to buy a ticket.

International Food Festival

This is an ideal opportunity to come along and meet other Kendrick School families in an informal setting. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Informal Meetings – Friday 12th July 2019

The 1½ hour session will be made up as follows:

15 minute informal meeting

You will have a 15 minute informal meeting with a Year 7 tutor, Head of Year or a senior member of staff. The appointment will be divided into two parts:

  • Part One with Parents/Carers and your child. Please make sure your child has completed the ‘About Me’ sheet (which you can access via this link) beforehand and bring it to the meeting as it will form a good starting point to the conversation.
  • Part Two for the Parents/Carers only.  This is where you will have the opportunity to inform us of any information you feel we need to know to make sure that we are best able to support your child for the next 5 or 7 years of her education journey at Kendrick.

Student - Activities

For the rest of the session the students will partake in activities supervised by members of staff.

Parents/Carers – Meet KPS and other Parents/Carers

Parents/carers will have an opportunity to meet members of the KPS and other parents/carers over refreshments. 

There are a few messages we want to pass onto you to make sure your child benefits fully from her time at Kendrick School. We believe that this interview is of utmost importance to start forging a strong relationship between school and home. Unfortunately we are not able to offer an alternative date so we hope that you will be able to make this time to come and see us. 

Session Times have now been emailed to parents/carers. It is unlikely at this stage that we will be able to change appointment times. 

Please note: We will do our best to allocate you your first or second choice of session, but logistically this may not work so we will allocate choices on a first come first served basis. If you do not complete the form by Sunday 23rd June, you will be randomly allocated a session.

First Day of Term: Wednesday 4th September 2019 

As Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd September are INSET days, the first day of term for all students is Wednesday 4th September 2019. 

School Curriculum Pack 

The evening is also an opportunity to collect a pre-purchased School Curriculum Pack.  All Year 7 students are strongly advised to buy a School Curriculum Pack which consists of essential items for mathematics, languages and art.  Each item is of good quality and, purchased as a pack, has proved to be very popular and great value for money .  The School Curriculum Pack costs £29.00 and contains:

  • Calculator (price £10.00 each)
  • French or German dictionary* (price £6.00 each)
  • Art pack (contains a selection of items required for art lessons – price £14.50 each)

School Curriculum Pack

*The correct dictionary will be given according to the Form Group to which «First» has been assigned.  Your child will be advised of her Form Group during the Induction Morning on Friday 21st June.  You may also wish to purchase an additional dictionary for £6.00 (required for Year 8) which can then be added to the School Curriculum Pack. 

Please note that students in receipt of pupil premium will be provided with a School Curriculum Pack free of charge.

Please also note that science goggles will be provided to all students by the school free of charge in September, however, any replacements will need to be purchased via Parentpay.

Please contact if you would like to buy one or two specific items only.

Please note that the above items must be pre-ordered via ParentPay which is Kendrick School’s online method of payment for trips, equipment, educational resources, photocopying and for purchasing food and drink from the school canteen.  Please refer to your email on how to go to the ParentPay website, log in and activate your account.

Uniform and PE List

Please click here for information on the uniform and PE kit.

Please click here for a Stevensons' price list for Kendrick School uniform and PE kit.


It will not be possible to bring vehicles onto the premises at any point during any of the above events unless you or your daughter has a disability.  In this case please telephone Reception on 0118 9015859 to make special arrangements.  It is important to be aware that you cannot park or stop to drop passengers off in East Street.

Please note that pay and display parking operates in the roads in the vicinity of Kendrick School.  The nearest public car parks are at the Oracle Shopping Centre and Queen’s Road. 

We look forward to meeting you at these events.