KPS Events and Meetings 2018-19

Date Time What
TERM 1    
Monday 10th September 6.30pm KPS Meeting
Thursday 20th September 6.30pm

Year 12 Welcome Evening
(providing refreshments)

Friday 28th September 3.30pm KPS Thank You Event
Tuesday 2nd October 6.30pm Year 7 Welcome Evening
(providing refreshments)
Friday 12th October 3.45pm-6.00pm Year 7 Film Night
Friday 12th October 7pm-9pm Indian Cookery Demonstration
Monday 15th October 6pm KPS AGM
TERM 2    
Friday 2nd November 5pm-8.30pm (TBC) Diwali Celebration
Wednesday 14th November   KPS Non-Uniform Day
Monday 19th November 6.00pm KPS Meeting
Friday 23rd November 3.45pm-6pm Year 8 and 9 Film Night
Thursday 13th December 6pm Christmas Concert
(providing refreshments)
Friday 14th December 7pm-9pm KPS School Disco 
TERM 3    
Monday 14th January 6pm KPS Meeting
Monday 21st January   Blue Monday Event (TBC)
Friday 1st February   Quiz Night
Monday 11th February 6pm KPS Meeting
TERM 4    
Monday 4th March Tutor time Raffle launch
Wednesday 4th April   Raffle at Air Ambulance Concert
TERM 5    
Monday 29th April 6pm KPS Meeting
Thursday 27th June   New Year 7 Parents' Evening
(providing refreshments)
Sunday 7th July   Year 7 Fund Day/International Food and Games
Monday 8th July 6pm KPS Meeting
Friday 12th July  

New Year 7 Informal Meetings 
(providing refreshments)

Wednesday 17th July 6.30pm Summer Concert/Music Gala
(providing refreshments)
July (TBC)   Illyria Open Air Theatre